This is a space for frequently asked questions and useful resources relating to writing copy, content marketing and online marketing. Enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is – simply – written copy (content) for the purposes of sales or marketing. In reality, it spans a huge range of written communications between a brand and their customers – from the buttons on their website, to the sign-up emails their receive through to the descriptions of their services and products.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Professional copy is constantly underestimated by businesses. In truth, it’s one of the most important ways in which you communicate with your audience. Do it well – and you can create valuable connections with your prospects, build your brand’s voice and identity, and increase your sales and revenues in the process.  Why else should you hire a copywriter?

Who do you work with?

I typically work with creative agencies, marketers and small businesses. However, I work with (nearly) any client, as long as they’re forward-thinking, passionate, and invested in what they’re doing. Based in Spain, I work worldwide.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the project. Usually, I charge at a fixed-rate. My fee will include all communication, 2-3 rounds of edits, time spent researching, and more. Larger projects will be divided into milestones. I also include basic SEO research and content wireframe designs if clients need those services.

 Useful Resources


Copyblogger – These guys cover all facets of SEO, social media, blogging and online marketing in their awesome, free blog.

Copyhackers – Joanna and crew have some great insights to share about all things copywriting, from the psychology behind a click through to in-depth studies on marketing and search analytics.

ABC Copywriting – All things on the power of writing copy, creativity and advertising. A very general yet highly informative blog.

Copywriting Subreddit – A fairly active, helpful community of copywriters on Reddit – one of the internet’s largest hubs.

Cult of Copy Facebook Group – A tight-knit group of sales copy enthusiasts who’re extremely responsive and passionate (almost zealous) about what they do. They also have a job board for clients and freelancers alike.

Blog & Article Writing

ProBlogger – Darren is a tried-and-tested veteran of blogging, and his advice is comparably excellent. A great source for all things blogging.

HubSpot – While focussing on inbound marketing, HubSpot have some seriously powerful insights to share on creating the ultimate blog posts and online content.

Grammar Girl – Go here for the finest advice on the technical site of writing. Mignon Fogarty is superb.

SEO & Online Marketing

Moz – These guys know their SEO/online marketing. Seriously. Improve your marketing skills with their in-depth, razor-sharp insights and studies.

QuickSprout – Neil Patel is a smart guy. His lengthy writings on SEO and marketing strategy, tool suggestions and studies are invaluable.

Unbounce – These guys are experts at all things on landing pages and optimisation.

KISSMetrics – Again, Neil Patel proves his competence. KISSMetrics’ blog is a little more general, but valuable nonetheless.


Hemingway (writing) – A great tool to learn how to become more concise, punchy and effective in all your writing. Free.

Trello (project management) – An insane tool for managing different people and projects. Free.

Slack (communication) – A great tool for communication with different team members across different projects. Free.

Hotjar (analytics/heat maps) – Hotjar shows you the behaviour of your visitors via heatmaps, metrics, and actual individual recordings of their sessions on your website. A little bit 1984, but useful nonetheless.

Google’s Keyword Planner (SEO) – Fantastic, free way to research what keywords you should be competing for. Includes data on traffic and difficulty (competition) for each keyword.

Copywriting Cheat Sheet – Quick, concise introduction to writing copy for various outlets (social media, web, email, etc).

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