V2 Jets

“With V2 Jets, flying isn’t simply flying. Flying is transcending. Tap into a world where luxury is a lifestyle. Where journeys are extraordinary. Where service is elevated to an art form. Travel in the world’s most sophisticated aircraft, and fly to any location around the globe”


V2 Jets – a private jet charter based in New York City – needed their website rewritten to be in line with their exclusive brand image. Copy needed to be sophisticated and luxurious to appeal to their discerning clientèle.

The resultant luxury copywriting was designed to provoke the imagination. Combining the appeal of adventure with first-class luxury, the website’s content appealed to both the soul and the senses.


  1. Luxury copywriting that balances creativity with V2’s unique selling points as a private jet charter.
  2. Product descriptions for dozens of unique jets – combining unique technical details with desirable benefits.

Client Feedback

Tobias was great. I’ve worked with many different copywriters and Tobias exceeded my expectations in every way. He never missed deadlines and has a true skill for writing and instruction. I would highly recommend him for any project that you might need.

Megan Haddad, Co-Founder of Luxe Media Groupe

Date Published: March 11, 2016
Category: Web Copy
Client: V2 Jets
URL: http://www.v2jets.com

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