Geneva Photo Club

The Intensive 7 hours Beginners Course will equip you with the most important skills needed to create high-quality photography in just one day. During the first 4 hours, you’ll learn key photographic concepts and techniques (exposure triangle, composition, shooting modes, focus, and more).


Geneva Photo Club – one of Geneva’s leading photography schools – wanted to improve their course descriptions to encourage more students to join. They had a wealth of information regarding their users – including a HotJar account showing heatmaps of user behaviour. This was all used to entirely redesign and rewrite their course landing page.


  1. A 64.8% increase in the conversion rate (click through to calendar).
  2. Concise, conversational copy that outlined the main benefits of the course.
  3. A new, organised layout conceived using Balsamiq’s wireframing tool and HotJar’s user behaviour data.

Date Published: March 17, 2017
Category: Web Copy
Client: Geneva Photo Club

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