Online Writing Tip 2: Write Like Hemingway

by Tobias with 0 Comments in September 26, 2015

"A writer's style should be direct and personal, his imagery rich and earthy, and his words simple and vigorous." - Ernest Hemingway One of America's most renowned authors, Hemingway's unique, punchy, 'to-the-point' style was as influential as it was controversial. Because he was trained to write for newspapers, the literary world found his clear, no-bullshit approach to be intimidating. Know what? His writing is more relevant than it has ever been. Concise, direct and personal translate to web writing excellently. Taking a figurative page from Hemingway's book could help improve your web writing immeasurably. Applying the Tip  1. Use Short, Concise Sentences "For sale: baby shoes, never...

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Online Writing Tip 1: Kill Your Darlings

by Tobias with 0 Comments in September 25, 2015

"In writing, you must kill your darlings." - William Faulkner While the quote's origin is ambiguous, the power of the message is the same. Whether you're writing content for your website, your latest blog post, or a cold sales email, being ruthless with each draft is one of the greatest things you can do. When we spend hours slaving away at drafts of content, it's easy to become emotionally attached. Like soldiers, you've both been through a lot together. Late nights and early mornings...caffeine's only natural to feel protective of your perfectly honed words. We attach a disproportionate amount of value to the things...

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20 Reasons Your Website Content Sucks

by Tobias with 0 Comments in September 23, 2015

You’re probably sitting there, thinking, “is…is my web content weak? Please let it not be so…” Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad news. The bad news is…it’s likely your copy isn’t great. Copywriting – like any skill – takes years to master. Don’t despair though, not yet. I have some good news. You’re here. You’re here because you want to learn. And, like all things, bad copywriting can be remedied with the right answers. Feel better? Here are a bunch of reasons why your web content sucks – and how you can fix it.   The Marketing Side of Things Gibberish Sales Tone Are...

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Online Marketing Is Vital to the Future of Your Business – But Why?

by Tobias with 0 Comments in April 15, 2015

Traditional Marketing – A Declining Power Once upon what seems like a very long time ago, prospective customers would look up your product or service in the yellow pages, miraculously remember your ridiculously expensive TV advert, or come across that coveted magazine clipping that they had been saving for this very perfect, opportune moment. Perhaps you had to ‘cold call’ potential clients. The very term sends shivers of irritation down one’s spine. You’d barter for another 5 seconds of their time before they cut you - and any chances of your product selling - off, forever. For small businesses and marketers, these...

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5 Personal Influences That Will Benefit Your Business

by Tobias with 0 Comments in April 9, 2015

Welcome back! Last week, we were talking about the benefits of copywriting. Quite a niche topic, indeed, yet relevant. Today, I'd like to talk about personal habits and influences in our lives that benefit both our personal well-being and the success of our business. In an era of information overload, lists are conveniently condensed pockets of information. We scroll through the points, nod to ourselves, and our guilt is temporarily relieved by our two minute browse. But do we ever really apply the advice? Information is important, well and true, but taking action is essential. What, you might ask, is the...

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copywriting and the ultimate benefits to your business

5 Essential Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter

by Tobias with 0 Comments in April 6, 2015

An informative blog post about copywriting on a copywriter's website. Surely there's no ulterior motive here, right? Okay, got me. But out of my low cunning comes this wonderful, comprehensive article on the benefits of copywriting, and what it actually means. That's a pretty good deal, don't you think? Enjoy. Definition: Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Copywriters are sly, sneaky creatures, a bit like Tyrion Lannister or Gollum. Their copy is crafted to persuade readers and influence them into making a decision - usually making you a great deal of money. People are naturally visual creatures. Whether it's a...

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