I Critiqued 37 Landing Pages: You Can Learn From Their Mistakes

by Tobias with 1 Comments in May 4, 2017

I’ve recently been critiquing landing pages for any Tom, Dick and Larry who wanted one. It’s a huge time investment, but people get in-depth, actionable feedback, I get to flex my critical analysis skills AND connect with potential leads. Not too shabby. Combined from social media and direct links (to groups and contacts), I received 37 feedback requests – and counting. After hours of tearing apart websites, you start to see patterns. In fact, I could probably have sent an automated eBook called “5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversions” or something along those lines and saved myself a bunch...

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The Secret To Human-Centred High-Conversion Landing Pages

by Tobias with 0 Comments in March 23, 2017

*Click*. Uhh…no, I don’t want to get super free awesome hourly advice from your mailing list. GO AWAY, POPUP! Wait, what is this website even selling? And who is that smug, synergistic, suit-donning idiot in the stock image? There’s a 6-section form…that wants my…address…phone number…and my deepest…darkest…secrets? Which of the 4 big buttons do I click? NOT ANOTHER POPUP! *exits website* The above might sound familiar. Like mad scientists, online marketers have been getting carried away when it comes to increasing their sites’ conversion rates. But instead of a conversion-bumping love potion, many sites offer visitors a splutter-inducing concoction that repels...

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Listicles: We’re All Hooked…And We Need An Intervention

by Tobias with 0 Comments in August 30, 2016

You’re hooked on listicles. I’M hooked on listicles. Can anyone blame us? Reading big blocks of text is exhausting. Lists break content up into nice, consumable bites of useful information, right? Listicles are the fast food of content. Quick, dependable and scrumptious: “…a list is the easy pick, in part because it promises a definite ending: we think we know what we’re in for, and the certainty is both alluring and reassuring. The more we know about something—including precisely how much time it will consume—the greater the chance we will commit to it.”- Maria Konnikova, New Yorker In a sea of information, listicles make...

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Improve Your Site’s Traffic, Bounce Rate & Conversions [In-depth Guide]

by Tobias with 5 Comments in August 22, 2016

You’ve spent countless hours refining your site to pull in quality online traffic. Slaving away at your labour of love, you’ve become a master SEO hacker and, from the hundreds of visitors streaming in from paid traffic and campaigns, you’ve also become the verifiable Don Draper of online advertising. You’re on top of the world – ready to dominate your niche and send the competition scurrying to the corners of Google. Then the bubble pops. The hordes of visitors…they aren’t actually taking any actions on your site. In fact, nearly all of them are leaving your site as soon as they arrived! In shame...

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how to write effective headlines

Writing High-Conversion Headlines: The Entrepreneur’s Cheatsheet

by Tobias with 0 Comments in March 10, 2016

Are you a business owner? An entrepreneur? A marketer? Perhaps you just want to improve how you write headlines? Then this guide is for you. Because I’ve seen far too many dull, descriptive headlines on business’s sites, in emails, and, even, in printed content to not write this article! Anyway, in the following, you’ll learn how to create effective, compelling, high-conversion headlines. This is useful if you’re writing… Website content Landing pages Brochures, fliers or newsletters Sales copy Emails Heck, it’ll even help with blogs and articles Headlines. They’re Kinda Important. “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. When you have...

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content or design first?

Content & Design: A Tragically Misunderstood Part of Your Business

by Tobias with 0 Comments in February 28, 2016

Content and design. What's more important? Why does it matter to your business? It's definitely an interesting question. It's also a little controversial. As a digital copywriter, I've had this debate with designers and visual creatives time and time again. Without stepping on too many toes, I'm going to be blunt: A picture doesn't say 1000 words, words do.  Content  is absolutely vital to communicating your business's value to your prospective clients. Time and time again, I come across clients who see the actual 'words' on their websites as an irritating after-thought. In fact, sometimes I'd almost expect them to say '....can we just leave that as Lorem...

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5 Ways To Create Intimate Customer Connections (and sell more in the process)

by Tobias with 0 Comments in February 7, 2016

Trello. Innocent Smoothies. GoPro. Apple. Old Spice. What do they all have in common? ...not much, you're probably thinking. They're outrageous. They're personable. They're silly. They're insulting. They're unique. They're engaging. Importantly, they're all companies who relate profoundly to their audiences. Coincidentally (or not) they're also kings of their respective industries. (more…)

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american beauty lester quitting job like a digital nomad would

Dawn of The Digital Nomad: A Revolution at Work

by Tobias with 0 Comments in January 24, 2016

As I write this, I'm sitting in the sunny courtyard of a Grenadine cafe in the ancient Arabic district of the Albaicin. Birds are tweeting. Spaniards are nattering. Canas de cerveza and cafe con leches are flowing. I'm in Spain. But I don't live here - at least, not permanently. I work anywhere - and I count myself as - what is being described as - a 'Digital Nomad'. The world is becoming more and more filled with this strange wave of cyber-savvy millennials. From Prague to Chiang Mai, 20 and 30-somethings are finally shedding the dream of security and conventional families in...

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Online Writing Tip 4: Learn From Social Media

by Tobias with 0 Comments in October 8, 2015

Social, social, social. Lets get social (don't click if you value your sanity). We're constantly barraged with the importance of social media - whether you're a writer, a small business owner or, well...a regular punter. Social media can be a pain. It can drive us insane - what with the opinionated tweets, banal Facebook posts, and narcissistic Instagram pages. But in all honesty - social media has redefined how we write and communicate - for better or worse. If you're a wannabe Shakespeare, that might be a bad thing. But for the rest of us, it's great. Now, our communications are more: 1. Clear and...

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Online Writing Tip 3: Let SEO Writing Follow – Not Lead

by Tobias with 0 Comments in September 28, 2015

The SEO writing craze has been and gone (for most of us)... For all the clunky SEO headlines, blatant SEO filler content, and SEO writers advertising their services, you wouldn't have thought it had left. While Google's updates in the last 5 years have punished poor SEO practice, so many of us are still being misled by out-of-date information. It sucks, but we can do something about it. The web is becoming much more user-focussed. That is - content that improves a user's 'experience' will be looked on more favourably by Google. Content that is informative, that is shared on social media, and has a high...

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