Tobias Pettigrew. Freelance Copywriter.

The Millenial Don Draper.

* without the rampant alcoholism & misogyny.


Passionate about your business, but struggle when it comes to promoting it?

Want a strong brand voice – and still be able to engage & convert your audience?

 Maybe…you just want to increase your sales and profits?

You’ve come to the right place! I’m a freelance copywriter specialising in writing for the web. That means website copy, sales emails, brochures, product descriptions, and more.

Take a look at my work.

The Freelance Copywriter

Writer of smooth, seductive, high-conversion copy

Simply, I help small to medium-sized companies like yours with communication. Because the most creative designers, brilliant programmers and driven entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to selling themselves and their products or services.

With my copy, you’ll engage your audience in a conversation they won’t want to leave.  

As a freelance copywriter, I’ll become your strategic Siamese twin. I develop a profound understanding of your business, your services, and your audience. The likes of customer profiles and surveys, Google Analytics and creative brainstorming sessions are my bread and butter. I use this understanding to develop concise, razor-sharp copy that captivates your readers and drives your profits up, up and up.

The Real Human Being

Music hoarder, nomad, failed Ryan Gosling impersonator

I’m extremely restless, so I spend my time in both extremes of Europe. Based in both sunny Andalusia and (not so sunny) Scotland, I write for clients all around the globe (mostly Americans, Brits and Aussies). When I’m not bursting a blood vessel over a misplaced comma in my local co-working space, I’m probably out taking artsy photos of plastic bags, stuffing my face with tapas, or getting lost in the mountains. Somewhere.

“Why?” has always been my favourite word.

Luckily for you (and not so lucky  for my childhood teachers), great copywriting is all about asking ‘why’ – about understanding human desires. It was love at first sight. A match made in heaven. The writing was on the wall. Really. Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear…my love of cringey clichés is reserved entirely for my ‘about’ page!

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